New Mexico Kendo Kai

ニュー メキシコ剣道会

Stolen Goods from First AUSKF Iaido Federation Tour, Feb. 7, 2013

The good news is that the seminar was a complete success. Concentrated, high-intensity instruction to near capacity attendees from far and wide. Clearly the objective for this cross-country barn-storming series of workshops is to help bring Iaido in the US into currency with the state of the art in Japan, and we feel the result was all that could be hoped for.

The bad news is that while we bid the visiting senseis farewell over food and drink at a local restaurant late in the evening thieves broke into Konno Sensei's vehicle out in the darkened parking lot. The three senseis' iaitos and much of their gear was stolen.

I've updated the News and Events info on Musokai's website, but we feel it is best to avoid mention of the theft online, so as not to alert the thieves and their distribution network of the possible extent of the response.

We have combed through the set of photos taken last week, both at Musokai and at RCFC. I have submitted these images to Officer Baker of the Redmond Police.

Please forward these images to anyone who would be willing to help us monitor eBay and Craigs List, and even regional pawn shops. If any of the stolen items are spotted it is important that Officer Baker be immediately contacted so that he can set up a buy-action as swiftly as possible.

I spent a couple of hours looking into every dumpster within a mile of Red Robin on the off chance that the thieves sorted their booty on the spot and dumped what had no obvious value before leaving the area, but no luck. I'll try to get over to the regional transfer station on 116th in the next few days with a pair of binoculars to see if anything turns up there. At least it seems worth a try.

Here is the contact info and case number:
The case number is 13-002310.
The officer's name: B. Baker
Redmond Police Patrol Officer, 425-556-2626 (office)

Gunnar Goerlitz <>